The Premium Bot, For Free

Enhance your Discord server with advanced moderation, leveling with rewards, reaction roles and more!

Protect your server with advanced moderation

Protect your server from bad guys with basic commands like kick and ban, or go for something more advanced like warning members. Konek0 features auto-moderation and can filter different kinds of spam, bad words and advertisements. It will also log these actions in log channels.

Add reaction roles to easily grant roles to members

Easily let your members choose roles with reaction roles. Users can obtain roles by simply adding a reaction. Reaction roles features an easy interactive setup and a variety of reaction role options.

Encourage chatting by using leveling and rewards

Let your members gain xp, level up and grant them roles for reaching certain milestones. Konek0 features a fully customizable leveling system. Customize the amount of xp they get, set up role rewards, your own level up message, ban specific roles from gaining xp and more! You can even transfer all xp from Mee6 to Konek0!

Display user favorite messages on the starboard

Let the people in your server vote their favorite messages onto the starboard! A starboard is a wall-of-fame people can post messages on by adding star reactions. When a message receives a minimum amount of stars, it gets displayed!

Enjoy some great tunes in your server

Search for any YouTube video and play the audio in your voice channels. Great for hosting voice channel parties or just some chill background music!